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Explore Service

What Will You Get Here?

We collect, clean, and deliver your laundry to your doorstep. When and where you need us, we will be there. 99.7% of all standard laundry and dry cleaning is delivered the next day.

Dry Cleaning Services

Oil stains are stubborn and water alone isn’t enough to get rid of them. We have the state-of-the-art machines guaranteed to give you the best results every time.

Repairs and Alterations

Broken zip? Trousers too long? Weight change? Don't worry, we can sort out all your clothing alterations and repairs. We can provide professional adjustments for a customized, comfortable, seamless fit.

Boots and Shoe Repair

Using our shoe repair service is a snap. Just order your repairs online, drop-ship your items using our prepaid label, and sit tight while your items are skillfully repaired and returned to your doorstep!

Wedding Gown Preservation &Cleaning

We can restore your wedding gown’s original glory through our state-of-the-art process and our advanced machines.

Laundry Services

For all of your cleaning needs, we’ve got your back. Our machines are constantly monitored and updated, so we’ll have all of your clothes back to you smelling clean and fresh!

Pick Up & Delivery

You can drop off your clothes with us or simply have them delivered, and we’ll take care of them in no time. We’ll be happy to ship them back to you or provide them for pick-up at your earliest convenience!

Covered Drive Thru

We have a cozy drive-thru, so you don’t even have to leave your car to have your clothes cleaned! Take care of your dry cleaning without leaving the comfort of your vehicle!

Same Day Service

We get to work on your items the moment you drop them off. No queuing or back-logging; we prioritize each item the second it comes in, so you won’t be waiting days or weeks for your clothing.